Lively lifestyles is a wellbeing platform where you can read and learn about ways to improve all aspects of your life. I hope that my blog will inspire you to evaluate areas of your life, and spark motivation for improvement.

I hope this blog will enlighten you on alternative ways in which you can increase productivity levels, lead a more stress-free life, and have a positive outlook on your world.


About the Author

My name is Ana and I’m a young, ambitious blogger who is passionate about educating people on how to improve all aspects of their life through reporting general health news, while always making a link back to mental health. I firmly believe that true happiness comes from within, and I wish to spread awareness of this through my blog, Lively Lifestyles. All of my content represents a strong focus on Positive Psychology as well as Health Psychology.

I’ve never been one to listen to mainstream news on what I should be doing to live a healthier lifestyle, without doing my own research first. When I started my university studies in 2014 I was given access to multiple global databases of journals rich with knowledge – this information was at my fingertips and I felt like I wanted to read it all. I soon developed a love and appreciation of research, and I felt as though these prestige journals gave me a chance to expand my horizons of education. I could access more than just psychology journals, and hence my interest in nutrition began. I soon realised that there is actually a big link between mental health and diet (area of Health Psychology to be exact). This sparked my interest in studying two Nutrition diplomas in between my Psychology degree.

Further, my immense interest in the Law of Attraction sparked my interest into the area of Positive Psychology. I believe that positive thought-processes can bring abundance into your world. I am grounded in the belief that individuals want to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life, and I hope to help that process by being a mindset-mentor through applying underpinnings of positive psychology.

Lively lifestyles is my place to share this profound research (in my own words & interpretations, of course!) through a variety of tips and tricks on reaching your ultimate lively life! It’s also a place for me to share the things I’m really enjoying and things that I’m doing to live my own Lively Life.


Academic Credentials:
  • Graduate of Psychology – Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSc) & Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (GDipAdv)
  • Hold a Diploma in Personal Nutrition.
  • Hold an Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition (Diet and Nutrition).


DISCLAIMER : Ana is a university student and is in no way indicating that she is a registered psychologist, thus no acting should be taken solely on any Lively Lifestyles content.  All information covered on Lively Lifestyles is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any health-related issue. Any information taken away from Lively Lifestyles should always be consulted with a GP or other health professional. This is a personal blog that Ana hopes will complement her studies while also spreading awareness of mental health and related topics.